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Raising awareness of the dangers of aerosol

Did you know?
There is a “common misconception” that fatalities from aerosols only happen in a substance abuse scenario, but this is absolutely not true.Ashely Martin, Public Health Adviser at The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents

Too much spray is not okay

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OUR STORY (7 mins)

Created in memory of Giorgia Green

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We are Bee Angels

A group working towards raising awareness of the dangers of aerosols!

What you can do to help

Help us spread our message far and wide, and educate others on the dangers of aerosol!

Aerosol over spraying can cause...
Dizziness and slurred speech, brain damage, liver and kidney damage, hearing loss, lack of bodily control and ultimately, loss of life.

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Upcoming Events

Join us at our upcoming events and see how your participation help raise awareness in our communities and beyond.

BEEVERSARY 2024 event


26th May 2024 | 6pm - 9pm
Bee Creative for Christmas event

Bee Creative for Christmas

November 2024 | TBA

Butane, a main ingredient in deodorants, was recorded as having been involved in 324 deaths between 2001 and 2020.

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About Bee Angels

We started this mission after Giorgia Green, a beloved daughter, sister, auntie, student and friend, sadly passed away in May 2022 after accidentally breathing in too much aerosol she had sprayed in her room.

Clare and Paul Green, Giorgia’s parents, have set up Bee Angels as a way to remember Giorgia, “our little bee”, and to raise awareness of the dangers of aerosol over spraying!

Bee Angels comes from the fact that Giorgia loved bees, she found joy and wonders from even the tiniest things in life!

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Propane and isobutane, another two main ingredients in deodorants, were implicated in 123 and 38 deaths respectively.

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About Giorgia

May 11th 2022 was a terribly sad day for us, as we lost our much loved Giorgia. Giorgia, affectionately known to us as G, was just 14 years old when she lost her life, which we now know was due to over spraying deodorant.

G was an absolute joy to be around; she was a very creative and talented young person and an accomplished drummer, a brilliant artist and she wrote short stories and poems. For a young person she achieved a lot and experienced a great deal, her life was short but rich. She was really just beginning to bloom though.

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Many aerosol sprays contain highly toxic chemicals like xylene and formaldehyde – these are the same chemicals used to preserve anatomical specimens in a jar.

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